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House and Home

The painted canvas is reconstructed as explicit memory, an actualization of the method of loci. These painted spaces, the depicted corners and rooms, are over-abundant with recollection. The rooms themselves are planes of colour coming together into impossible dream-space angles. The artist's various experiences are represented through unmodulated brush strokes. The energy of her hand's motion is transcribed into painterly space: ribbons/rainbows/lightning bolts of materialized colour are the calligraphy of the artist's retrieval.


A home is able to manifest concretions of the poetic imagination, it is the natural habitat of daydream, and therefore an alternative time-space. This assertion is true in the instance of Aiden Kirkegaard, who has turned her memories into an elusive yet impactful interior of the remembered past; airy, yet temporally compressed into the painter's canvas which exists in the present; containing all the frivolity, heartache, nuisance and joy of the memory of a developing-self.

- Michelle Weinstein

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